Musiche di Sconfine @ Sagrado! TOK! & Svojat

The 15th edition of Live Musiche di Sconfine ends in Sagrado. The last appointment of the cross-border festival is Friday 12 July at 8.30pm at Parco Milleluci with performances by two groups. The event was organized in collaboration with the Kud Morgan association of Nova Gorica and the Ubrane Note Festival. Hybrida's light show and video installations will embellish the atmosphere of our concerts. The following artists will perform:
• TOK! – avantjazz
- Yannis Maizan – saxophones
- Giovanni Nevyjel – trumpet, flugelhorn
- Vid Luka Narea – double bass
- Anže Kristan – drums

• SVOJAT – avant rock
- Andrej Fon: guitar, sax, vocals
- Ivo Poderžaj: bass, vocals
- Vid Drašler: drums

The quartet TOK! is composed of Yannis Maizan on saxophones, Giovanni Nevyjel on trumpet and flugelhorn, Vid Luka Narea on double bass and Anže Kristan on drums. Maizan, Nevyjel and Narea are currently Jazz students at the Giuseppe Tartini Conservatory of Trieste under the guidance of Giovanni Maier, Klaus Gesing, Roberto Dani, Giorgio Pacorig, Mirco Rubegni and Nicola Fazzini, and have various experiences in contemporary music, jazz traditional and classical music. Anže Kristan instead studied with Nino Mureškič, Hrvoje Rupćić, Ratko Divjak, Steve Altenberg, Andrea Michelutti, Aljoša Jerič and graduated with Zlatko Kaučič. Kristan has various projects under his belt at a European level ranging from Afro music to jazz to rock and experimental music. The quartet was born from the artistic need to search for its own sound and language, which was shared by all four members. This research moves on the border between what is defined and not defined, as are the territory and the different geographical and musical origins of the quartet's members (Anže Kristan and Vid Luka Narea come from nearby Slovenia). In a concrete way this manifests itself in some written musical themes, inspired by very different contexts such as traditional music, jazz, classical music, blues which are linked together by both collective and individual improvisation. The objective is to explore multiple directions, seeking new solutions in the relationships between improvisation and writing, individual and group, cultured and popular. This union of choices of each member revealed itself as a flow, which is why we chose the word "tok" as the name of the quartet, which in Slovenian means "current", "flow", and we believe it best represents the sound that we seek, as well as what we want to convey to the listener.

Svojat is a trio from Ljubljana that climbs above no-wave, avant-garde blues, Saharan punk, Beefhearty Luddism and free improvisation. Andrej Fon's Buñuelian poetry is rendered so expressively that not speaking Slovenian does not hinder the listener's aesthetic experience. Ivo Poderžaj's electric bass combines the functions of a rhythm and lead instrument, shifting and expanding the harmonic vectors of the guitar and reeds. Drawing from his jazz and free improv background, Vid Drašler's drumming is sonically poetic and mathematically intriguing. In 2020, their self-titled debut CD was voted the best Slovenian album of the year by Radio Študent – ​​an independent progressive radio station in Ljubljana. On May 24, 2024, their second album "Ošili me modro" was released, self-produced and released in collaboration with the young label ENTE Tapes. The album was released on 12' vinyl, CD and digital format. It contains references to the Karstian Noise scene of the nineties, the new wave of the former Yugoslavia or the no-wave of New York, desert blues, art punk, strictly oppositional rock, free and improvised music, all combined with celebration of a child's wisdom, spontaneity and exuberance. Svojat's music is rudimentary avant-garde rock, which does not give up open passages and noise tropes, with a finely detailed and creatively impulsive sound, which nourishes our present and our past, both lyrically what an instrumental.

The event was organized thanks to the contribution of Giovani FVG, the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region, the Carigo Foundation and the patronage of the Municipality of Sagrado and the Municipality of Nova Gorica.

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