About us

DobiaLab was born in September 1992 in the former elementary school of Dobbia (fraction of the Municipality of Staranzano – GO) now its headquarters. It is the cultural association Gruppo Area di Ricerca with the support of the Municipal Administration of Staranzano that gives it a soul, investing the experience gained in 30 years of activity. In this period Dobialab found itself to be a focal point on the regional and cross-border areas with neighboring Slovenia, Croatia, Austria, having carried out a continuous work of relationship with the cultural, associative and artistic realities of the territory.
The association, through the management of the Dobialab spaces, aims to create cultural and artistic paths by organizing events and festivals in its headquarters and in the surrounding area, and carrying out an activity of artistic production based on the concepts of innovation, multimedia, experimentation and contamination, based on attention to the relational and social context in which the projects develop.
During the year, Dobialab hosts a rehearsal room for musical groups and cultural activities of various kinds: workshops, seminars, presentations of video and literary works, film retrospectives. The organization of concerts and performances and multimedia art exhibitions culminate in the Dobiarteventi Festival, the first edition of which dates back to 2002. The following year, the Summerlab festival was born in the evocative setting of Lido di Staranzano, and hosted international artists of music, theater and the visual arts.

In 2008 the association was one of the founders of the Youth Forum of the Province of Gorizia, with whose support it has been organizing the LIVE – Musiche di Sconfine, a moving festival dedicated to young musical realities, and CineXperimental (since 2011). This is dedicated to the younger generations through the dissemination of experimental cinema and creative interaction with the audiovisual.
Workshops are the basis in the life of the association: they led to the production of various theatrical and musical shows and performances, and to the creation of the literary magazine “Indobia” and the “Dobialabel” music label. Indobia, from 2000 to 2007, was an annual paper publication of graphic and literary material; Dobialabel, a record label that aims to explore the boundaries of contemporary music and bear witness to the creative and organizational musical activity of Dobialab, came to life in 2011.
Over the years Dobialab have had the support of the Municipality of Staranzano, the Province of Gorizia, the Autonomous Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia, the Carigo Foundation and the Municipalities of the Province of Gorizia adhering to the Musiche di Sconfine.