Pictorial and multimedia works, installations and installations, and a considerable focus on video art, enter into a relationship with the dobialab spaces, which open up for the evenings of the festival to host performances related to dance and gestures, words and images, to sound and music, combining the interest in electronic creative expression with that for bodily expression and interaction. DobiArtEventi is proposed as an event which, by intertwining different paths and creative languages, tries to grasp and welcome the dynamic vitality of the artistic trajectories of the territory, discovering extraordinary affinities and new stimuli, and confronting experiences and artists from different parts of the world.
Over the years DAE has always tried to have a careful look at what grows in its territory, with particular regard to the youth world, cultivating the nature of a creative laboratory and an “open mind” approach, hosting many artists and projects from our region alongside to names that have come from various parts of Italy and from various foreign locations.
Research on the innovation of artistic languages finds in DAE a meeting point between local artists and artists from abroad and from outside the region, creating a laboratory point of comparison from which various projects and productions take shape with a notable enrichment of cultural heritage of the area and the possibilities for development and growth of young local artists.
The curators of the festival continue year after year moving in the field of research, heterogeneity, new proposals, experimentation and contamination, pursuing the idea of crossing physical, linguistic and mental boundaries, of enriching the itineraries existential and a drive to disseminate and share ideas, projects and experiences.
Alongside the contaminations and artistic proposals, DobiArtEventi rediscovers a profound relational dimension which undoubtedly represents the lifeblood without which the riches expressed in these days would remain mere exposure, rather than showing themselves through that dialectical and eclectic character in which it is possible to recognize a common and shared participatory spirit, emotionally and physically engaging.
DobiArtEventi is ready to welcome all those who will have the pleasure, the sensitivity, the desire, the amazement of being part of it.