LIVE Musiche di Sconfine @ Sajeta

The sixth stage of LIVE Musiche di Sconfine opens the 25th edition of the Sajeta Art &Music Festival in Tolmin (Dijaška ulica 22) on 3 July at 7pm. Here are the guests of the evening:

• MESHALKA – impro collective
- Silvia Bolognesi – doublebass
- Giovanni Maier – doublebass
- Žiga Ipavec – drums
- Vid Drašler – drums
- Alberto Novello - modular synth
- Andrea Gulli - live electronics, chimereal
- Jure Boršič - alto sax, clarinet
- Paolo Pascolo - flutes, tenor sax

The MESHALKA collective was formed specifically for LIVE Musiche di Sconfine. The group includes musicians from different generations of the Friulian/Julian and Slovenian improvisation scene, with various collaborations under their belt and the Tuscan guest Silvia Bolognesi, Italian double bass player and record producer. In recent years there have been many groups and cross-border projects born in the northern Adriatic area, giving life to a real "scene". The group will meet on July 1st and 2nd in a self-managed laboratory to compare their musical experiences, thus developing a live set at the Sajeta Festival. The combination of more classical instruments such as percussion, wind instruments and double basses with instruments such as modular synthesizers and live electronics is intended to be an attempt to find new solutions in the improvisational technique with a form that starts from a double quartet.
Sponsor: Giovani FVG, Friuli Venezia Giulia Region, Carigo Foundation
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