The 15th edition of LIVE Musiche di Sconfine stops on June 6th in the atrium of the Nova Gorica Town Hall (Trg Edvarda Kardelja 1).
The cross-border festival presents, together with the Ubrane Note Festival, the first appointment of the cycle of contemporary explorations of jazz beat JAZZ@TRIJA, proposing starting from 8pm a double concert that fuses contemporary electronic sound practices and the audacity of the avant-garde with the improvised nature of the jazz idiom. The guests will be Pasquale Mirra with “Moderatamente Solo” (suite for vibraphone, percussion and sound objects) and the Slovenian bend ECLIPTIC (SI)!
The events were organized by the Morgan Cultural Art Association and the Dobialab Research Area Group as part of the Ubrane Note and LIVE Musiche di Sconfine.
Pasquale Mirra: 'Moderately alone' (IT)
Pasquale Mirra is a well-known avant-garde Italian vibraphonist, percussionist and composer. As in a cubist painting, the performer presents his Suite for vibraphone, percussion and other sound objects. The compositions, sonically unusual, alternate structural and free improvisations in a variable and unpredictable way, as if they were made up of many fragments and "forms" unrelated to each other, but which in reality show different sides if observed from multiple angles. Mirra is considered one of the most interesting vibraphonists on the Italian and international music scene. Between 2013 and 2018 he was named best Italian vibraphonist by the professional magazine Among other things, he has established a long-lasting collaboration with the world-famous American percussionist Hamid Drake, with whom he plays and performs in several projects and participates in numerous festivals in America and Europe; he is a member of the Mop Mop ensemble, with which he regularly plays at numerous European festivals and collaborated on the soundtrack of the film "To Rome with Love" by the American director and actor Woody Allen.
Famous and experienced musicians are brought together in the ECLIPTIC constellation, which engages with the interaction of musical genres, the electronic exploration of the environment and the search for new musical experiences. Music as a living and changing creativity, without constraints, where each member contributes equally to the musical dialogue. The group creates a unique sound picture by intertwining instruments and beatboxing in the field of jazz music. Ecliptic considers itself a band in the true sense of the word, with renowned and experienced musicians coming together in a lineup that flirts with drum'n'bass, ambient electronic exploration and the search for new musical experiences. It is a dialogue between digital and analog sound as a reflection of the current social consciousness. Through sections of free improvisation, the collective explores inner feelings in relation to digital or analogue code.
Jani Moder - guitar, effects
Igor Matković - trumpet, electronics
Jani Hace - bass, effects
Murat - beatbox, effects
Žiga Kožar - drums, percussion, effects
Sponsor: Giovani FVG, Friuli Venezia Giulia Region, Carigo Foundation, Municipality of Nova Gorica