LIVE Musiche di Sconfine Ricardo Dias Gomes live @ ArciGong

On June 22nd at 9pm we are waiting for you in Gorizia at the Circolo Arci Gong at the 5th stage of LIVE Musiche di Sconfine, organized by the DobiaLab Research Area Group, its neotropicalism at the Circolo Arci Gong.
Ricardo Dias Gomes has been an esteemed innovator of the Rio de Janeiro music scene since the mid-1990s, Zii e Zie (2009) and Abraçaço (2012), released in 2015, followed by the mini-album Aa with Arto Lindsay in 2018. Since 2017, living in Lisbon, Portugal, Gomes continues to push the boundaries of sonic exploration by producing. His latest album Muito Sol (2023), released by Hive Mind records, quickly sold out and received many wonderful reviews .
Sponsor: Giovani FVG, Friuli Venezia Giulia Region, Carigo Foundation

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