November, 11th 2023

One of the most talented and influential producers of the Principe Discos label: born in Portugal of Angolan origins, he currently lives in Paris. His debut LP, “Sonhos & Pesadelos,” released in late 2017, showcased Lycox’s unique talent among this new generation of producers who have transformed kuduro into something difficult to categorize, an album that fits perfectly in the wake of those musical claims that go beyond world music: a mix of batida, kuduro and afro house in the raw, funk and frenetic style that distinguishes Príncipe Discos records. His extreme eclecticism translates into lush DJ sets with great sonic dynamism, with sharp rhythms, sudden twists and moments of pure euphoria.

A project born from the love for knobs and the feeling of peace and serenity that the act of turning them with awareness and adequate passion causes. Focused on the attempt to find a balance between preparation and improvisation, with a declared love for beat-oriented rhythms and sound frescoes, it proposes an emotional ups and downs aimed at unleashing explosions of anthropic entropy. Rhythmic-melodic permutations wander undulatingly across the cerebral hemispheres. The machines appear sentient. The humans appear confused. It is a hymn to tension (electrical and otherwise).
Karim Khadiri: drum machine, synthesizer

Millacu moves in the field of music and performance; Coming from an artistic background in the contemporary dance sector he creates music primarily for performance purposes. He works with voice, electronics and instruments including flute and keyboards, using samples and translating the sound from analog to digital. Together with Matteo Rivetti, with the Letargia Morale project, he is an artist in residence at Noods Radio in Bristol. Since 2020 he has been a founding member of the Treeorganico project, together with Emanuele Pertoldi and Andrea Peluso. She is part of the UdinElettronica collective, with which she collaborates as a DJ and composer.
Camilla Isola: Ableton Live Set