OVO is a project of music and life. OVO is a mix of improvisation, methodical deconstruction, no wave and noise recollections. OVO are Stefania Pedretti and Bruno Dorella, bosses of Bar LaMuerte, an open but autonomous duo, which has the possibility to move freely, with or without the help of other musicians. The last frontier of self-production, or more simply the highest degree of both artistic-expressive and logistical freedom. The spirit is precisely that of playing anywhere, without particular technical or economic needs, just for the pleasure of doing it.
CATALDO DINO MEO, a Milanese poet who has been active for more than twenty years, could be defined as a sort of angel of death who sings of the decadence of our civilization. Influenced by the cursed poet Lautremont and his Maldoror songs and by the Romanian philosopher Cioran, he uses an unconventional and difficult poetic language; in his live performances, as in his videos, he declaims his verses with an undoubted nihilistic and decadent charge. His lyrics are cultured and irreverent, not far from situationist poetics and historical avant-gardes in terms of approach; numerous cultural references of him, from classical to psychedelic culture, from Caravaggio to Albert Hoffmann.