The Gluts / Theodor Fuchs @ Yardie

Dobialab will be hosted for the first time at the Yardie in Pradamano (UD), not only an excellent beer hall/sandwich bar but also a concert hall where numerous events have taken place, including numerous fine performances by the dub friends of Warrior Charge.


-THE GLUTS (Fuzz Club Records)- Live_ Post-Punk/Noise/Psychedelia
Nicolò Campana: Voice, Synth, Percussion
Marco Campana: Electric guitar
Claudia Cesana: Bass Guitar
Bruno Bassi: Drums

-Theodor Fuchs (Connecting People, Boradischi Crew) – Vinyl-only electronic DJ set

Pradamano will be the second stop on the ‘Estbound Tour’ of Milan’s The Gluts before heading to Budapest.
Active for several years, precisely in 2013 the band released their first single ‘Tears of Ink’ on 7″ vinyl. The first album arrived the following year, entitled ‘Warsaw’, mixed and mastered by James Aparicio (The Telescopes, Spiritualized, Liars). The first pressing was 100% DIY, later reissued by German label Nasoni Records. In 2017 the second album ‘Ecstasy’ saw the light of day after a collaboration with Filippo Strang (Kurt Vile), thanks to which the band joined the roster of the UK independent label Fuzz Club Records (Jesus and the Mary Chain, The Black Angels, Holy Wave, Night Beats). After playing at the Fuzz Club Eindhoven Fest 2018 the band began a fruitful professional relationship with El Borracho Bookings (The Underground Youth, Vacant Lots) which continues to this day. Before and after releasing the third album “Dengue Fever Hypnotic Trip”, co-produced by Bob de Wit (The Sonics, A Place to Bury Strangers, White Hills), the band continues to tour in France, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Denmark and also participates in some important independent festivals, such as Label Mates Festival in London, MiAMI Fest in Milan and the second edition of Fuzz Club Eindhoven.
A few months later, thanks to the support of El Borracho Bookings and Italian Music Export, the band goes back on tour in England, plays at the Astral Elevator Festival in Manchester, plays three gigs in South Africa, including the Endless Daze festival. In January 2020 the band travels to ESNS and in October 2021 plays Denmark, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria. Forced to stop the live shows, the band focuses on the composition of the fourth studio album, ‘Ungrateful Heart’, which is then released on 8 October 2021, again via Fuzz Club. A promotional tour through Western and Eastern Europe followed, as well as a couple of gigs in New York for the New Colossus Festival. The band has recently been on a second leg of the tour in Italy, France and the UK and is working on a new album.

Following and until closing is the DJ set of Theodor Fuchs.
Don’t be fooled by the name, Theodor Fuchs was born and raised in Trieste. After spending a decade consuming dancefloors throughout Europe and beyond, he took his first steps as a DJ at after parties in Vienna where his “alien” sound was immediately recognized and appreciated. To now his offer ranges from the synthetic minimal of the early 2000s, passing through house and breakbeat of the 1990s London school to the latest proposals of the best contemporary producers. As of today he is part of the Viennese label Connecting People and the newly formed Trieste-based crew Boradischi.The Gluts / Theodor Fuchs @ Yardie